• 1997-1999 – The first programs were the classes of Portuguese as a Heritage Language – Raízes (Roots) and Origens (Origins) for Brazilian children and adolescents. These courses were ministered at schools as after school programs and at homes.
  • Brazilian themed essays competitions, organized in collaboration with the Consulate General at public and private schools.
  • Support of local cultural producers. CCBU was the first cultural organization to support the first Brazilian Film Festival in 1997.
  • Welcome Lunches – Networking program created to welcome new Brazilians who moved to Miami.
  • Lectures and special programs on Brazilian topics.
  • 1999 - The creation of the Nélida Piñon Library, with an initial collection of approximately 5,000 items – books in Portuguese, CDs, videos. The library, as CCBU, was located at the Consulate General of Brazil. It was inaugurated on January 1999, with the presence of the renowned author, University of Miami Professor and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Nélida Piñon.

2000 – 2010

  • 2002, 2003, 2005 - LIVE @The Library, Brazil! & COOL BRAZIL! – Brazilian Culture Festivals, created and produced by CCBU and presented in partnership with the Broward County Public Library System/ Outreach Department, at Fort Lauderdale’s Main Library and other branch libraries. The festivals’ programs consisted in visual arts exhibition, Portuguese language courses, Brazilian music performances, Brazilian culinary demonstration for children, films.
  • 2003 - Opening of the first bilingual Portuguese-English program, with Brazilian academic content, in the American public school system. The program opened at the elementary school Ada Merritt, located at 660 S.W. 3rd. Street, Miami, FL 33130, on September 2003.

Beginning of the first bilingual program Portuguese-English, with Brazilian academic content, in the American public school system, at Ada Merritt Elementary, located at 660 S.W. 3rd. Street.

This became the fifth bilingual and bi cultural in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

The existing bilingual programs – Spanish, French, German and Italian were already recognized by means of Memoranda of Understanding among the Miami-Dade County and the governments of Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

In exchange for professors sent by these governments or funds, MDCPS reserved spots for these countries’ nationals. This was not Brazil’s case.

The Portuguese program was entirely financed by the local school district and teachers Lenita O’Rourke and Adriane Daher created the curriculum and the academic materials.


Opening of the Brazil Exhibition at the Miami Children’s Museum.


The Brazilian Cultural Week was presented in September 2004 at the Alliance Française in Miami.
The program included: art exhibition, film, lecture and a soccer game France x Brazil.

JUNE 2005

First “Julina” Party at the Miami Children Museum.


First Brazilian Forum, an information program for Brazilians who had recently moved to South Florida, created by CCBU and presented at Fort Lauderdale’s Main Library, in Fort Lauderdale, in partnership with the Outreach Department of the Broward County Libraries.


First BRAZIL PAVILION at the International Village at the Miami Book Fair International.

APRIL 2006

Brazilian Music Talks a series of four talks with Gene de Souza, live performances by Rose Max and Ramatis Moraes at Books & Books, Coral Gables.


Brazil-Salvador Pavilion at the Miami Book Fair International.

MAY 2007

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, CCBU organized a Scholarship Fund, in perpetuity, at the Miami Dade College, for financially challenged students, fluent in Portuguese. Funds were donated by TAM Brazilian Airlines and ODEBRECHT-USA.


CCBU-TAM-ODEBRECHT Scholarship Fund’s creation ceremony at Miami-Dade College.


Brazil-Rio de Janeiro Pavilion at Miami Book Fair International.
The city of Rio de Janeiro was the theme of the third Brazil Pavilion at the Miami Book Fair International. The presentations of Brazilian authors Roberto DaMatta, Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna, José Murilo de Carvalho, Geraldo Ribeiro, João Almino, Ana Maria Machado, were included in the official fair program and simultaneously interpreted to English, making the Portuguese, for the first time, one of the official languages of the MBFI.

APRIL 2008

CCBU and Books and Books, Coral Gables, celebrate 50 years of BOSSA NOVA.
The four-day program included a talk by Gene de Souza about the musicians who created BN, music workshop with Antonio Adolfo, live performance with Ramatis Moraes and Rose Max, and screening of the documentary VINICIUS.


Brazil-Minas Gerais Pavilion at the Miami Book Fair International.
Minas Gerais was the theme of the fourth and final Brazil-Pavilion. An outstanding program of Brazilian literature, readings by important contemporary Brazilian music, Brazilian music live performance, pão de queijo and other typical products sampling, and much more closed the series of Brazil Pavilions.

MAY 2009

CCBU wins FOCUS BRASIL Award for Best Cultural Event of 2008 – Brazil-Minas Gerais Pavilion.


CCBU participates in the ceremony and festivities of inauguration of the last part of the Burle Marx project for Biscayne Boulevard.
CCBU participates at the Conference Brazilians in the World, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Itamaraty Palace in Rio de Janeiro.


Literary Lunch with award winning author Ana Maria Gonçalves.

APRIL 2010

CCBU created a program for the event “Celebrating Brazil at the Library” Capoeira, storytelling, and more at the West Dade Regional Library.
CCBU presented the panel “Our Portuguese Language: heritage and the future of our children in America” at Focus Brasil 2010.


CCBU is one of the winners of the 2010 KNIGHT ARTS CHALLENGE with the project OSCAR NIEMEYER 100 at the FREEDOM TOWER.


CCBU presents authors Ana Maria Gonçalves and Mary Del Priore at the Miami Book Fair International.

2011 - 2021


CCBU presents Marta Medeiros and Ricardo Cravo Albin at the Miami Book Fair International


Opening of the program BRAZIL: A Cultural Tour of the 2014 World Cup Cities │ Copa Cultural at the Miami-Dade County public libraries. Each month on a Saturday, the history, music, arts and architecture of each of the twelve host cities of the 2014 Fifa World Soccer Cup.
From January to June the program was presented at the West Dade Regional Library.
From July to December, the program was presented at the Key Biscayne Library.

Inauguration of the new Nélida Piñon Library at the new Consulate General address, located at 80 S.W. 8th. Street.
Author Nélida Piñon reinaugurated the Library.


CCBU presented writers Nélida Piñon and Laurentino Gomes at the Miami Book Fair International.


COPA CULTURAL 2.0 at Books & Books
“A yearlong cultural exploration of Brazil. Our series called CULTURAL CUP 2.0 will focus on the culture, traditions, arts, music and gastronomy of the twelve Host Cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the exciting worldwide soccer tournament that will happen in Brazil next year.”
All events were presented at Books & Books, Coral Gables -265 Aragon Ave.

BRAZILIAN ART WORKSHOPS: Discover Brazil Through the Arts!
Ages 7-12 years at the Key Biscayne Community Center The Brazil-USA Cultural Center (CCBU), along with artist Silvana Soriano offered a series of workshops for children focused on the art and culture of each of the 2014 FIFA World Cup host cities. During six workshops, students will have the opportunity to create art projects based on the artistic production of each region and learn various artistic procedures such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and installation.

JULY 2013

Course opens at West Dade Regional Library. Taught by Prof. Carlos Tapigliani , from July 27 to September 14, this free course was the first language course offered by the Miami-Dade County Public Library System.


DESTINATION BRAZIL - In five cooking classes, Chef Adriana Assemany explored the exotic ingredients, techniques and flavors of each of Brazil’s regions, at the Coral Gables store Aragon 101.

JUNE 2014

From June to September the exhibition, an original project by the Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida, presented the diversity of the Brazilian culture through the twelve cities and contemporary architecture through the stadiums. A complementary program offered lectures on the stadiums architecture, Brazilian music, a “caipirinha workshop”, soccer demonstrations and two lively watch parties to watch the first two games of Brazil on a giant screen installed at the Museum Plaza.


CCBU sponsored the participation of writer Betty Milan at the Miami Book Fair International.


A TALK WITH ANDRES BUKOWINSKY - Videos screening and talk with award-winning director Andres Bukowinsky at the Coral Gables Museum – A joint program with the Polish Cultural Center.

MAY 2015

CCBU and the MUSEUM OF CORAL GABLES received the Brazilian Press Award for the exhibition 12 Stadiums │ 12 Cities: Brazil 2014, World Soccer Destination.


LET’S CELEBRATE BRAZIL! A Magic Evening of Animation, Innovation and Superb Food.
An exclusive tour of the exciting Miami Animation and Gaming Complex, guided by its founder and director, Mauricio Ferrazza.


CCBU presents writer João Almino at the Miami Book Fair International.


This series, presented by CCBU at the Società Dante Alighieri gallery, was created, curated and directed by actor and director Roberto Lobo Neto.

MARCH 2016

SOUNDS OF RIO: From Choro to Funk, the music and the stories of the Olympic City.
A series of monthly performances by superb Brazilian musicians of South Florida, each dedicated to a musical genre from Rio, with commentaries and stories by Gene de Souza.

MAY 2016

BRAZILIAN FORUM at MAGIC (Miami Animation Gaming International Complex)

MARCH 2017

Launching of the 4-session series AFRICAN ROOTS: Essential Elements of American and Brazilian Cultures, at Books & Books, Coral Gables. Lectures and presentations about history and sociology, literature, cuisines and music.


Opening of the exhibition MIAMI MIX: How Brazil Became Part of Miami at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design – 100 NE 1st Ave., Miami. The goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness about Brazilian cultural contributions to Miami. How some of the most important urban icons in Miami were designed by Brazilian architects, urban designers and artists; and how Brazilian music, flavors, language and people are part of the Miami cultural mix.

Commissioner Ken Russell, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Miami, presented a Proclamation from the Mayor, declaring September 5, “Centro Cultural Brasil-USA da Florida Day at Miami”.

MAY 2018

CCBU received Brazilian Press Award / Best Cultural Event in for the exhibition MIAMI MIX: How Brazil Became Part of Miami

CCBU celebrated 60 YEARS OF BOSSA NOVA – Costume party at the Grand Bay Club, Key Biscayne.


CCBU presented Brazilian Culture at the MiamiDDA DowntownArts festival, by presenting a live Bossa Nova performance at the Lobby of the Guzman Theater and by launching SABOR BRASIL, a festival of Brazilian cuisine at the downtown Miami Brazilian restaurants.