03/05 06:00 PM until 03/05 09:00 PM
O Cinema South Beach
1130 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach


Society of Fear (Sociedade do Medo) addresses the pandemic of fear that plagues contemporary man and investigates the construction of society through the lens of fear and its presence around the world. The documentary discusses the subject with personalities and specialists. It proposes a critical reflection, seeking the origins of a society absorbed in its fears and, consequently, in the fierce consumption of possible palliatives that contribute to leading us to loneliness and barbarism.


  • Producer - Cláudia Dutra e Adriana L. Dutra
  • Director, Screenplay, Narração - Adriana L. Dutra
  • Produção Executiva - Cláudia Dutra
  • Cinematography - Maritza Caneca, ABC


Ailton Krenak, Amit Goswam, Barry Glassner, Benny Briolly, Claudia Castello, Cyrille Bret, David Carroll, Erick Felinto, Flávia Oliveira, Francis Wolff, Frank Furedi, Ivana Bentes, Jason Stanley, Júlio Lancellotti, Linda Yueh, Luciana Clark, Marcelo Jasmin, Paula Johns, Talíria Petrone, Tamara Pekelman, Tamsin Shaw, Tatiana De Souza, Yuka Tanaka.

About the Director:


ADRIANA L. DUTRA is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer, among her recent works are:the feature-length documentary Rio Street Parade (2019); Transtime ( nominated for best documentary of the year by the Brazilian Film Academy in 2018), Smoking I Wait (finalist for best documentary at the São Paulo International Film Festival in 2015). The TV series Option America (2017), Option Laje (2016), Sons Brasilis (2019), Transgente (2016) among many others. She is the director and founder of Inffinito (1995), responsible for the idealization and production of the Inffinito Festival Circuit, composed of Brazilian film festivals in 12 cities around the world: Miami, New York, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Montevideo and Canudos.

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