The Most Beautiful Crossing / The Paths of Love / Flowers in the Balcony

Author: Marcos H. N. Rossi

Genre: Romance

The Most Beautiful Crossing

This is the story of Matteo, an Italian immigrant (but who could also be German, Spanish, or Portuguese) who finds himself compelled to cross the Atlantic towards Brazil at the end of the 19th century, without the slightest idea of what lay ahead. There, he will encounter a bit of everything. New friendships, unwanted feelings, romances, but above all, Matteo will face immense challenges, and soon he will understand that the Atlantic crossing was not the end but the beginning of a long and wonderful journey, full of adventures, conflicts, and learning.

The Paths of Love

The book "The Paths of Love in Bread & Joy" is a historical romance, whose protagonist faces his greatest challenges during the turbulent Second World War. In his journey, Frank goes through tough times, questionings, and disappointments. In search of answers, he returns to his roots, to the Bread & Joy farm, and faces new challenges. His various paths intersect, separate, reunite, and diverge. Will Frank find them in Bread & Joy?

Flowers in the Balcony 

"FLOWERS ON THE BALCONY" offers a journey to live a fulfilled life, embracing joy, balance, creativity, and connection. Learn to place your flowers on the balcony wherever you go; it may take a while, but eventually, other balconies will appear. There will be fewer gray alleys, and you will have made this world a better and more colorful place. Discover twenty essential principles ranging from humanizing relationships to awakening creativity and embracing continuous growth."


Annabelle: A Child on the Way

Author: Beti Rozen & Peter Hays

Genre: Children's

The spirit of a young girl hopes to join Philippe's family and his parents. However, they do not notice her presence directly. She tries to communicate and soon realizes her limited abilities to influence, but she also discovers what can happen when she stays patient and hopeful.

Armand Dillo, The Armadillo

Author: Donaldo Buchweitz

Genre: Children

Armand Dillo is not like the other armadillos. He likes to tell stories to his family at night and to come out to spend the day in the forest. However, when he and his family are forced to leave their burrow, they must work together to find a new home.

Written by Donaldo Buchweitz and illustrated by Bill Borges, this book invites us all to turn storytime into a great adventure.

Donaldo Buchweitz was born in Canguçu, Rio Grande do Sul. He majored in Theology and Philosophy, and did post-graduate studies in Cooperative Games, at Unimonte University. In pursuit of his love for books and art, he enrolled at Escola Macunaíma, to study theater. His first book, A Ovelha Rosa da Dona Rosa (Dona Rosa’s Pink Lamb), was written in 2010. Since then, he has written and adapted more than 60 children’s books and has composed more than 100 songs.  


Adventures of Dr Deb

Author: Silvana Soriano & Debora Duro - Ilustração/illustration: Silvana Soriano

Genre: Children's

Dr Deb and the Magical Glasses: Good nutrition means healthy children. You will learn the importance of food through the world of vitamins and the iron soldiers protecting our bodies. With magic eyeglasses, you will see what is inside our food and much more…

Silvana Soriano - Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Silvana Soriano is a visual artist, art teacher, and illustrator currently based in Miami, Florida. Soriano has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Spain, France, the USA, and Cuba, including having her work featured at Pinta Miami Art Fair, Scope and Volta Art Fair in New York. She is represented by The CAMP gallery in Miami. She has also illustrated several books, spanning from children’s literature to poetry, and published an art magazine online.

You can also view her website here:

Debora Duro - Dr. Debora Duro is a physician born in Sāo Jeronimo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil trained in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at Boston Children’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. She is currently the director of the Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition Program at Broward Health, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr Duro earned a Master’s Degree in Science and Dietetics from Florida International University. Her passion is to educate parents and families about the importance of teaching children to eat healthy meals since early childhood.

First Seeds of L.O.V.E.

Author: Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu

Genre: Health and Wellness

Are you living your best life? A happy, healthy, and purposeful life? A life you love? Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu, mental health professional, leadership coach, and entrepreneur, shares her personal story of when she almost died at the age of eighteen years old, and how this experience has made her reflect deeply on the meaning of life and death. She has used her reflections and healing journey to create the first seeds of L.O.V.E., a leadership, coaching, and therapeutic approach, method, and framework - based on psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience - to help herself and others to create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling, and meaningful life. A life they love!
Throughout each chapter of her book, she shares deep questions she asked herself during moments of much pain and uncertainty, and tools she has learned or has created to help herself heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. 

War Sky

Author: Renato Azevedo

Genre: Literary fiction

The work you have in your hands, "War Sky" by Renato Azevedo, fits into both the Dieselpunk genre and the genre of war narratives where combatants, in this case,  World War II pilots, recount their firsthand experiences, taking us into the cockpits of their planes, whether Mustangs, Spitfires, Zeros, or Stukas, and in the cabins of bombers like the Avro Lancasters and Flying Fortresses.

Renato Azevedo is an engineer, writer, and journalist. A fan of science fiction and fantasy, he began writing in 1997 and hasn't stopped since. He is the author of the books "From Roswell to Varginha" and "Daughters of the Stars." He has written articles on science and pop culture in many publications and has contributed to anthologies on various topics.

In his body of work, which includes several e-books, he has explored such genres as steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, horror, parallel realities, and others. He writes for the blogs "Escritor com R" and "Corujice Literária," and in 2021, he published his third book, "Céu de Guerra," through Underline Publishing.

Two Continents, Four Generations

Author: Beti Rozen & Peter Hays

Genre: Adventure

Louis didn't care about studying History. To make matters worse, his teacher asked him to write a text about his family roots during the holidays! He only knew that his father was North American, and his mother was Brazilian, but that wouldn't fill 10 pages... So the family decides to visit Poland, the homeland of Louis' grandfather. From there, little Lejzer left for Brazil, 65 years ago. This book presents Louis and Lejzer's discoveries; the first as a tourist, the second as an immigrant. In it, the reader will see that, although very different, the childhood of the grandfather and grandson had their points in common, linked by something greater than destiny.

Cat That Is Cat Sticks Its Tail Up

Author: Beti Rozen & Peter Hays

Genre: Children

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Marcelo who liked to tease people. He said he guessed everybody's thoughts. He made up some hair-raising stories. Come and see Marcelo's adventures and find out what's with this cat that lifts its tail.

Kumiça Jenó

Author: Marcia Kambeba

Genre: Children's

In this book, Márcia presents 25 narrative poems about folklore figures found in various native cultures, especially those in the Amazon. The poems retell the oral tradition passed down to the author from her ancestors. In this context, Márcia conveys her ancestry to help us understand the intrinsic relationship between the forest, its beings, and its peoples, in a poetic manner that enchants and prompts reflections on respect for Nature.

An activist and a writer, Marcia Kambeba has an undergraduate degree in Geography from the Universidade do Estado do Amazonas, with a specialization in Environmental Education and a Master's in Geography from the Universidade Federal do Amazonas.

A native of the Omágua/Kambeba tribe in the Amazonas, she was born in the village of Belém do Solimões in 1979 and grew up in the city of São Paulo de Olivença-AM.

She is a writer, a poet, a composer, a photographer, a speaker, an activist, and a teacher. Her body of work speaks to the resistance of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, through various artistic means.

Lost in the Amazon

Author: Toni Brandão

Genre: Adventure

Join 12-year-old Dan on an epic adventure into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where wonders and mysteries await at every turn. When his plane goes down over the jungle, Dan must use all his wits and courage to survive. With help from a witty woolly monkey friend and a pirate parrot, he explores an abandoned research lab once owned by the missing Professor, unraveling clues about his family’s connection to this place.

Through encounters with exotic creatures, indigenous tribes, and forces beyond his understanding, Dan pieces together a hidden history...and discovers his destiny in the lush green paradise of the Amazon. Can he unlock the secrets of the Professor’s past and find his way home?

No Fole da Noite, Ciranda

Author: Eliza Wilhelm

Genre: Poetry

Eliza Wilhelm has a background in journalism and dentistry. She is a carioca who took classical piano lessons when she was still a girl. As a youngster, she complemented her musical affinity with singing lessons, with an introduction to operatic singing. Poetry revealed itself much earlier in her life, through verses that gave way to poetic prose. Her first book, O Fole da Noite, Ciranda, was fully illustrated by the artist Silvana Soriano. Taking music as inspiration, Eliza unites nature and concrete losses to set the tone for Fole, in the rhythm of deconstructed syntax.



Author: Jamile do Carmo

Genre: Children's

In a forest that emerged in the middle of a desert, a group of animals learned to speak and taught themselves to face dangers together. They built a great civilization and took great pride in their work. But one day, a furious storm passed by, bringing something strange and surprising indeed. What reactions did this provoke? What reactions does something unknown provoke in any of us? O's story is for people of all ages, using humor and reflection to address common feelings of fear in the face of the new and unknown.

Jamile do Carmo was born in Cruz das Almas, BA, she is a teacher, writer, visual artist, and researcher. She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Academy of Arts - UFBA (University of the State of Bahia), where she teaches the Theory of Visual Perception and Art History at UNEB (University of the State of Bahia), she taught the discipline of Artistic Education as part of the Rede UNEB 2000 project.

In Germany, she worked at the Technical University of Nuremberg (Georg Simon OHM) and at the Friedrich-Alexander University Nuremberg-Erlangen, where she did her doctoral thesis in the discipline of Romance. She has several literary awards, and publications, and is involved in several intercultural projects in Brazil and internationally.

The American "Amigo"

Author: Antonio Pedro Tota

Genre: Historical Biography

Heir to one of the world's largest fortunes, member of the U.S. American Republican party's liberal wing, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller served as Governor to the state of New York for four consecutive terms, as Vice President of the United States under Gerald Ford after Richard Nixon's resignation, all while remaining eternally desirous of the Yankee Republic's foremost position. Yet what remains in this flavorful profile is his biography's least-known facet: as propulsor of capitalism in Brazil. Rockefeller got closer to the country during his time as chair of the U.S. office for Inter-American Affairs, a government organ which strove to distance the Vargas Administration from Nazism and Fascism and to guarantee that Brazil would remain under the aegis of the U.S. American influence. With tenacity, "good intentions," and having been imbued with the ideologies of his nation and class, the politician manifested genuine interest in Brazil, and involved himself in the most varied of activities, from rubber cultivation to São Paulo's urban planning, always attempting to import efficiency and the American Way of Life as an antidote preventing the expansion of communism.THE AMERICAN "AMIGO" is another book by Antonio Pedro Tota, author of O Imperialismo Sedutor (The Seduction of Brazil) and O Amigo Americano.

Antonio Pedro Tota is the pen name for Professor Antonio Pedro. He is a full professor at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, where he teaches Contemporary History and United States History for their International Relations course. His research focuses on the cultural relations between the US and Brazil.

He is the author, among others, of O Imperialismo Sedutor (published in 2009, by Editora Companhia das Letras, with a second edition in 2020)--The Seduction of Brazil (published in 2009 by U. of Texas Press, translation by Lorena B. Ellis); Os Americanos (Editora Contexto, 2009), and O Amigo Americano, Nelson Rockefeller e o Brasil ( Editora Companhia das Letras 2014)-- The American Amigo, Rockefeller and Brazil (in press 2021- Underline Publishing, translation by Lorena B. Ellis and Roberto Luis Ellis. He received a grant from the Rockefeller Archives Center to research Nelson A. Rockefeller's documents. He was a visiting professor at Pace University in NY from January to May 1996; Visiting Scholar at the History Department of the Catholic University of America in Washington DC in 1992; Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies at Columbia University in NY, from 1989 to 1990, with financing from the Fundação do Amparo à Pesquisa (FAPESP) and of the Fulbright Foundation.

Observing Stars

Author: Carlos Borges

Genre: Biography

Carlos Borges was born in Alagoinhas, Bahia, and before he was two months old, he was already in Salvador, Bahia, a city that he holds in his soul and heart. A journalist since 1972, he quickly developed a career in two areas: print media and television. Before turning 21, he was already leading the Production Department of TV Aratu (then part of the Rede Globo network in Bahia). Even though television offered opportunities and rewards that would be much harder to attain in print media, he never strayed from his original passion: writing.

In 1989, when he had already reached the pinnacle of his profession in Brazil, directing the production departments of the two largest TV stations in the state (Itapoan and Aratu), Borges made an unexpected decision: to accept an invitation to join the original team that launched the Nickelodeon channel in Orlando, Florida. What was supposed to be a 12 to 18-month adventure with a predetermined end date turned into 30 years of life and work in the United States by 2019.

An entrepreneur by nature, the Bahian built an international reputation as a cultural promoter and a staunch advocate for Brazilian arts and culture over three decades. His work has been recognized in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil. In 2014, he was decorated with the Order of the Rio Branco, explicitly for his work "in promoting the positive image of Brazil and Brazilians."

So far, he has received 67 trophies, medals, diplomas, proclamations, and recognitions. But what he always emphasizes whenever asked about his 46-year career is to reaffirm his unconditional love for Brazilian culture and his dedication to the 4 million Brazilians living outside the country. Keeping the Brazilian spirit alive in the hearts of immigrants is his mission and purpose.

Oscar is at the Farm

Author: Jacqueline Fonseca de Abreu

Genre: Children's

Oscar is at the Farm is a cute bilingual (English/Portuguese) tale of Oscar, a happy little boy, who is spending a day at a farm. He describes the place and introduces his animal friends.“I love my animal friends. They are all different. They are all fun. They are all my friends.” Besides learning the names of animals, their colors, and adjectives to describe them, this book is also a great tool to introduce the theme of diversity and inclusion to little children.

Without Words

Author: Betty Rozen & Peter Hays

Genre: Children

Luiz has just arrived from Brazil; he misses it terribly. But he has a great talent for drawing. Encouraged by his new school teacher, Luiz tries to express his feelings for Brazil by drawing a story.


Gotta Find Froggy

Author: Beti Rozen & Peter Hays

Genre: Children

Luiz's stuffed animal disappeared. He hadn't noticed, but his parents were completely hysterical. This was his favorite little frog. What if he cries and gets angry? Luiz looks. He tries to imagine what is happening. Searching in every toy store, even putting up posters, the well-intentioned couple strives to find "froggy." Viewed from the boy's perspective, the story has a humorous tone of first-time parents taking materialism seriously. Later, they discover that hugs and affection are more important.

The Great Little Taylor / The Princess and the Mirror

Author: Isabel Cintra

Genre: Children

The Great Little Taylor

There was a small and humble village on the outskirts of King Raidar's castle. A place where Jafar and little Akin built their simple home. Life was hard for father and son, until the great and unique opportunity of their lives suddenly appears. With a heart full of hope, Akin will teach his father that it takes courage and optimism to face life's challenges.

The Princess and the Mirror

When the desire for extreme beauty tries to overcome love, and vanity becomes the most precious asset, a sweet and very wise fairy appears, to turn everything into harmony again.

A beautiful fairy tale about kings, queens, princesses, with lots of magic and so much to teach us.

The Last Manatee

Author: Graziela B Hetzel

Genre: Children

When a loud noise startles Aldo, the baby manatee, he soon looks for his mother but can't find her. The water is cold and dark. Around him, all plants are withered. Aldo is very scared. Is he truly the last manatee? Join Aldo in this adventure and find out!

Graziela Hetzel was born in Rio de Janeiro, where she lived until 2013. She now divides her time between Brazil and Italy. She is a schoolteacher, specializing in Literacy. Her first book, O Problema do Godofredo, was published in 1991. She now has 29 published books and has received the highest literary prizes in Brazil, such as Prêmio Jabuti "Best Children's Book", FNLIJ's "The Best for Children" and UBE's Prêmio Alejandro José Cabassa. She made the Honor List for IBBY in 2020, with her book O Jogo de Amarelinha (The Hopscotch Game), published in 2020 in Germany-- Himmel und Hölle by Girabrasil Verlag. She has four titles published by Underline Publishing in the United States.

The Strangest Lettuce Seller / Kyoto

Author: Kleiton Ramil

Genre: Romance

The Strangest Lettuce Seller

When Kan, an average kid, encounters the enigmatic Lettuce Seller, he’s transported to the paradoxical realm of Esidarap. In Esidarap, everything seems familiar yet backward. As Kan explores, he comes face to face with his alternate self, Nak.

Together, they encounter floating vehicles and doppelgängers of their friends back home. Kan’s adventure blends fantasy and reality, challenging him to grow braver and wiser. Join Kan as he faces adversity with courage and wit and learns heartwarming lessons about family, self-belief, and the importance of home.

This vibrant tale, suitable for all ages, intertwines humor and heart into an unforgettable adventure about friendship and courage.


"Sounds the song of bamboo groves, which enthuses generations from the Heian period to the end of time. At that moment, even more dazzling, the mysterious music, deep, which draws incomparable melodies, offers perennial dreams to hearts open to adventure and romance.”

This is the story of Murano, a Brazilian young man, and Naomi, a Japanese young woman, who fall in love in Rio de Janeiro, but are violently separated by Akio, the young woman’s mysterious father, who kidnaps her and hides

her in the outskirts of Kyoto. But the two lovers decide to face numerous challenges, moved by the love that unites them, to meet again. This narrative, which combines the smoothness of a novel with the dynamics of an action film, makes this reading captivating and has been fascinating readers of all styles.

The Tree That Ran Away from the Garden

Author: Alvaro Ottoni de Menezes

Genre: Children's

Alvaro Ottoni de Menezes is commemorating 40 years as a writer, with 30 edited books. The Tree that Ran Away from the Garden is in its 22nd edition and was also a hit in the theater. He is a storyteller. He runs a story-telling studio and a workshop on the theme of "affection and eye-contact in education, and the art of story-telling", for professionals in the area of Education, as well as for college-level students of Education, Languages, and Psychology.

The world is changing its colors from green to gray. Uprooting itself, a tree about to be cut down decides to run away, going on a journey that will forever transform it. Can our tree find a new home where people still appreciate nature? This is a tale about the importance of taking care of the environment and the dangers of exploiting nature.



These Dolls Don't Break

Author: Regina Drummond

Genre: Horror

Five short stories with women as protagonists, written for those who are not afraid of the supernatural, the fantastic, the terrifying and appreciate the racing heart, the cold sweat and the fright. On a journey through the darkest intricacies of the soul, you will discover the fascination of evil, wickedness, and death. This work will please those who like to be surprised: the end of each story has the delicacy of a punch in the stomach and can leave you suspended in the air, in a vacuum between dread, fear and sadness—sadness that the story is over, of course!

Regina Drummond was born in Minas Gerais, into a well-known family of writers. She is presently living in Munich, Germany. The author of more than 130 books, most of them for children and young adults, she has always worked with literature. With a degree in French Language and Literature, she has never stopped studying and is working on a post-graduate degree in Child and Youth Literature from Cândido Mendes University in Rio de Janeiro. She is a translator for French, English, and German; she is a storyteller and she is on the international talk circuit.

Her work has been translated into other languages and she has received prizes and mentions, among them "Altamente Recomendável" (Highly Recommended) and "Acervo Basico" (Basic Collection) -- both from the National Foundation for Children's and Young Adult Literature -- as an author; and the "Prêmio Jabuti" from the Brazilian Chamber of Books, as an editor, as well as a nomination for the same prize, as an author.

Crooked Plow

Author: Itamar Vieira Junior

Genre: Romance

Itamar Vieira Junior was born in Salvador, in 1979. As a teenager, he lived in the state of Pernambuco, and later in the city of São Luís. He started studying geography in an undergraduate course at the Federal University of Bahia, being the first recipient of the Milton Santos Scholarship, dedicated to low-income black youth. He graduated in Geography and completed a master's degree. He holds a doctorate in Ethnic and African Studies from the Federal University of Bahia with a study on the formation of quilombola communities in the interior of the Brazilian Northeast. Itamar is also a public servant.

Crooked Plow (or Torto Arado, in the original Brazilian Portuguese) was, and continues to be, a literary sensation in Brazil — a novel praised by critics, and adored by readers. It received the Jabuti, Brazil's greatest literary prize, for best novel. In 2021, it sold more copies in Brazil than any other work of fiction

In the depths of the Bahian backlands, the sisters Bibiana and Belonísia discover an old and mysterious knife in the suitcase stored under their grandmother's bed. An accident then occurs. And from that moment on, their lives will be forever intertwined - to the extent that one will need to be the voice of the other.